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Mongolia National Urban Forum 2016 – Green Development

23 March 2016, Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia has been convening the National Urban Forum since 2012 with the priority urban development issue for the country decided nationally and made the focus every year.

The 5th National Urban Forum held in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia was convened under the theme of ‘Green Development’ on the 11th of March 2016 and organized by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development (MoCUD) and Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism (MoEGDT) in partnership with the United Nations PAGE initiative, UNDP, UN-Habitat, JICA and other partners. Opening remarks for the forum were provided by officials from MOCUD, MoEGT, the UN Resident Coordinator/ UNDP Representative for Mongolia and the UN-Habitat representative from the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP).

The main objectives of the Forum were awareness building and advocacy on the National Green Development Policy and the recently adopted Action Plan for 2016-2030 spearheaded by the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism; reflection on mainstreaming policy documents into urban development policies of the capital city and provincial cities in Mongolia and a consultation on the final draft of National Report for Habitat III presented by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development.

The Forum was attended by officials and stakeholders from the urban development and environmental sectors, including representation from Ulaanbaatar City and 21 provincial city municipalities, World Bank, ADB, the United Nations, the private sector, international and national NGO’s, civil society and research organizations.


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